This is week, May 7-11, 2012, is Teacher Appreciation Week 2012.

Everyone should take some time to think about the amazing teachers you’ve had and thank them for their hard work.

Teachers Inspire

Mrs. T. Sealove loved pigs. She played “The Cat Came Back” song on a record and sang along for us. I learned to love science, and dinosaurs especially, in her first grade class. For years afterwards, I wanted to be a first grade teacher just like her.

Ms. Clark taught me that I could sing and sightread music (something I would never have believed I could do). She was amazingly open and supportive of everyone. She even helped me record an audition tape for a Girl Scout Wider Opportunity (“Maybe” from Annie)–I got the Wider Opp (now called Girl Scout Destinations)! Her choir room was a port in the tempestuous storm of high school. I bawled my eyes out at my senior choir concert and still miss singing in HER chorus.

Thank You!

Who would you thank?