Did you see it?! The Space Shuttle Discovery just cruised on by in its final piggy-back ride to the Udvar-Hazy Smithsonian in Dulles, VA.

We all rushed to our co-worker’s window; she had the best view. And then we watched, breathless, as this piece of history made a circle over the city and headed off to Virginia.

This is one of those moments that makes DC such an amazing city in which to live!

And technology lets us remember it . . . more or less.

Smart phones allow us to capture images in a spontaneous way that is unmatched by most other methods.

But the quality does leave something to be desired. Honestly, I feel a bit like a Bigfoot stalker or the alien abductee.

“It’s the Shuttle! I SWEAR!! Why don’t you believe me?!
And, also, you can see  Elvis hiding below in the trees…”

But, at least, I saw the Shuttle fly over, even if my tech leaves it mostly to the imagination. I love DC!

Did you see it, Trinity? What did you think?